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    • Variations of biomass and carbon contents in different traits and components of herbaceous species from tropical grassland 

      Preeti Verma, R. Sagar, Hariom Verma, Abhishek Rai, Pratibha Chaturvedi, Prem Pratap Singh, Kuldeep Kumar and Sandeep Kumar Singh (African Journal of Biological Sciences, 2019-04-12)
      Grasslands play a critical role in the global storage of atmospheric carbon (C). Precise estimation of C contents in different plant components is essential to formulate a strategy for mitigating the atmospheric C. Biomass ...
    • Viruses, the vehicle for cancer gene therapy: A Review 

      Nurliyana Mohd, Yusof; Natasha Nur Afiqah, Mohamed Noor Fuadi; Mohd Azuraidi, Osman; Mohd Azmi, Mohd Lila; Nik Mohd Afizan Nik, Abd Rahman (African Science Publications, 2020-07-09)
      Cancer diseases are among the world’s leading causes of death, and this global burden is expected to rise in the next two decades. Researchers have been focusing on gene treatment strategy to curb this growing number. To ...