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    • An Analogical Hermeneutic Approach to Bioethics 

      Islas, David S. Contreras (Scientific Research, 2018-02)
      Bioethics has the hermeneutical task of interpreting scientific knowledge produced by the biological and social sciences in order to propose moral norms and values that are adequate to it. Therefore, it needs to account ...
    • Analyses of word-of-mouth communication and Its effect on students’ university preferences 

      Özdemira, Ali; Tozlub, Emel; Şenc, Erdal; Ateşoğlud, Hülya (Elsevier, 2016-01)
      Word-of-mouth is totally formed by satisfaction of customer and transparent communication based methods. The power and meaning of word-of-mouth is relevant to speaker’s relationship with the product or service, satisfaction ...
    • Analysis of Various Biblical Themes 

      Bissonnet, Peter (Scientific Research, 2018-05)
      The author believes that people are turning away from Christianity because (due to their free will) they cannot believe in the validity of various concepts, such as a unique and universal Crucifixion. They believe that ...
    • Anger and Contested Place in the Social World 

      TenHouten, Warren D. (Scientific Research, 2018-07)
      The root term angr includes in its meaning anger-rage and sadness-grief, which today are recognized as two primary or basic emotions. Anger involves the brain’s “rage system”, an architecture widely represented in the ...
    • Anger and Contested Place in the Social World 

      TenHouten, Warren D. (Scientific Research Publishing, 2018-06-05)
      The root term angr includes in its meaning anger-rage and sadness-grief, which today are recognized as two primary or basic emotions. Anger involves the brain’s “rage system”, an architecture widely represented in the ...
    • The Application of Creative Design in Apparel Industry 

      Tian, Bingqiang; Hu, Shouzhong (Scientific Research Publishing, 2016-02)
      The article explained and analyzed the creative design of clothing from concept to the main manifestations and characteristics, and the relationship between apparel feature type and creative design of clothing was discussed. ...
    • Are Background Feelings Intentional Feelings? 

      Barile, Emilia (Scientific Research, 2014-11)
      I address the problem of the intentionality of “feeling”, considering the study-case of “background feelings” (malaise, tension, etc.) in Damasio (2003, 2010). Background feelings, in fact, are “border case” feelings: ...
    • Balancing Scales of Language Injustice 

      Rabow, Jerome; Dhillon, Manpreet (Scientific Research, 2015-01)
      This paper addresses the ways in which our everyday usage of the common phrase “people of color” perpetuates a basic inequality in language use. A suggestion to eliminate inequality in teaching is proposed.
    • Borders by Proxy, Europe’s Aggressive Border Restrictions and the Perils of Young African Migrants 

      Nwalutu, Michael Onyedika (Scientific Research, 2015-04)
      The intrinsic challenges in the intersection of international laws and codes of praxis with respect to the operation of EU states’ border officials towards migrant individuals, to be specific, migrant African youth, is ...
    • Burnout as Alienation in the Counselling Field: The Descent from Homo-Faber to Homo-Economous 

      Carton, Tony (Scientific Research Publishing, 2016-04-08)
      The concepts burnout and alienation are routinely connected in a linear unproblematic trajectory (Tomei et al., 2011) perpetuating more of an ideological conflation than providing any insight into either concept. This ...
    • Capacity Development for smallholder Irrigation in Kenya 

      Mati, Bancy M. (Published online in Wiley InterScience (, 2008-05)
      This paper presents the experiences on capacity development for irrigation in Kenya, drawing from a study of sevensmallholder irrigation schemes, namely: New Mutaro, Emening, Mitunguu, Ng’uuru Gakirwe, Lari, Mukuria-Kyambogo ...
    • Characterological Correlates of Selfie Taking Behavior 

      Morrison, Todd G; Morrison, Melanie A; Kiss, Mark J.; Gilliland, Eric (Scientific Research Publishing, 2018-06-29)
      Few researchers have examined selfie taking behavior. To address this gap, 235 participants (age 18 - 60) completed an online questionnaire assessing a variety of psychological factors, personality traits, and selfie ...
    • Children 

      Wu, Kuang-Ming (Scientific Research, 2018-02)
      As children grow, so this paper develops many themes that children and we all love, coherently yet freely, and attractively as children are enthralling.
    • Clocks, Watches and Timepieces: The Ace Bio-Political Tools 

      Butola, Balbir Singh (Scientific Research Publishing, 2014-03-04)
      “’s my hypothesis that the individual is not a pre-given entity which is seized on by the exercise of power. The individual, with his identity and characteristics, is the product of a relation of power exercised ...
    • A code for 3D calculations of the output characteristics for a single-cell thermionic fuel element of thermionic nuclear power plants for different applications 

      Polous, M.A.; Solovyev, D.I. V.I. Yarygin; Yarygin, V.I. (2017-08)
      R&D has been conducted by a cooperation of Rosatom State Corporation’s enterprises to build a line of autonomous small nuclear power plants (SNPP) of up to 1 MW el to support government programs ...
    • Concerns Involving the Self: What Is the Real Target of Anxiety, Regret, or Worry, When Things Do Not Go Right for You? More Evidence from Sweden and the United States 

      Hayase, Kohji (Scientific Research Publishing, 2018-06-29)
      More than 1000 respondents in Sweden (2013) and the US (2014) were asked to report their subjective opinions and attitudes about situations that caused them regret, concern, worry, and anxiety. US respondents self-identified ...
    • The Constitution of Somaliland: The Problem of Constitutional Generations and Clan Dissolution 

      Aguilar, Mario I. (Scientific Research, 2015-10)
      This paper outlines the history, formation and general principles of the 2001 Somaliland Constitution. The people of Somaliland declared independence from Somalia in 1991 returning to the boundaries that had marked the ...
    • The Construction and Standardization of a Domestic Violence Questionnaire 

      Abolmaali, Khadijeh; Saberi, Hayedeh; Saber, Sousan (Scientific Research, 2014-01)
      The purpose of this research was to standardize the self-reported domestic violence scale. 530 participants were randomly selected via clustered sampling methods from married students of The Islamic Azad University of ...
    • Counselling: The Current Opium of the People? 

      Carton, Tony (Scientific Research, 2015-04)
      Western religion’s propensity to stultify holiness and the sacred is eclipsed in the profession of counselling. With its fundamentalist enthralment with the individual self, this poster-girl of liberalism, through its ...
    • Criteria of return on investment in nuclear energy 

      Kharitonov, V.V; Kosterin, N.N. (Elsevier, 2017-08)
      Analytical relationships between the investment performance criteria (net present value (NPV), levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), internal rate of return (IRR), discounted payback period (TPB), and discounted costs ...