Recent Submissions

  • Staff Profile: Dr. Jesse Maina Kinyua 

    Kinyua, Jesse M. (2018)
    Research Interests My area of research interest is generally in strategic management and entrepreneurship
  • Staff Profile: Dr. Bengat Kipyegon Joseph 

    Bengat, Joseph K. (2020)
    Research Interests Human Resource Management area, policy issues, Governance, management
  • Staff Profile: Dr. Zippy Mukami 

    Mukami, Zippy (2020)
    Research Interests Marketing Management, Salesforce Management, Change Management, Digital Marketing, Branding.
  • Staff Profile: Dr. Karambu Kiende Gatimbu 

    Gatimbu, Karambu Kiende (2020-09)
    Research Interests Environmental and natural resource accounting; taxation; environmental audits; survey models
  • Staff Profile: Dr. Paul Mugambi 

    Mugambi, Paul (2018-12)
    Research Interests • Economics • Education • Business Field
  • Staff Profile: Dr. Kennedy Nyabuto Ocharo 

    Ocharo, Kennedy N. (2017-10)
    Research Interests Interested in international economics, general macroeconomics , environmental economics, microeconomics
  • Staff Profile: Dr. Rogers Ondiba Ochenge 

    Ochenge, Rogers (2020)
    Rogers’ research interests include the microstructure of financial markets; economics of banking and monetary policy. Rogers is a member of the Society of Financial Econometrics (SoFiE) and the Italian Association of Econometrics.
  • Staff Profile: Dr. Steve Wakhu 

    Wakhu, Steve (University of Embu, 2021)
    Research Interests Crime, Criminal Justice, Armed Conflict, Peace, Security, Post-Conflict Reconstruction, Terrorism, Public Policy.
  • Staff Profile: Nyokabi Veronicah 

    Nyokabi, Veronicah (University of Embu, 2020-01)
    Veronicah Nyokabi is a Graduate Assistant at University of Embu since January 2017, currently pursuing an MSc in Applied Mathematics. She has attained a Bachelors’ Degree at University of Embu in Mathematics and ...
  • Staff Profile: Jepkoech Jennifer 

    Jepkoech, Jennifer (University of Embu, 2020-01)
    Jennifer Jepkoech received BSc computer science from Periyar university India and MSc. Computer science from Bharathiar university India. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Computer science at The University of Embu ...
  • Staff Profile: Consolata Gakii Mwirichia 

    Gakii, Consolata (University of Embu, 2020-01)
    Consolata received BSc. in Information Technology and MSc. in Information Technology from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) Kenya. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Information Technology in ...
  • Staff Profile: Dr. Cyrus Gitonga Ngari 

    Ngari, Cyrus G. (University of Embu, 2020-01)
    Dr. Cyrus Gitonga Ngari is a Doctorate graduate from Moi University, a Master of Science (Applied Mathematics) graduate from Kenyatta University and a Bachelor of Education (Double Mathematics) graduate from Egerton ...
  • Staff Profile: Dr. Edwine Benson Atitwa 

    Atitwa, Edwine B. (University of Embu, 2020-01)
    Lecturer University of Embu, Mathematics Computing and Information Technology Department Research Interests i. Management and treatment of cancer ii. Water sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) iii. Maternal and Child ...
  • The Contribution of Occult Precipitation to Nutrient Deposition on the West Coast of South Africa 

    Nyaga, Justine M.; Neff, Jason C.; Cramer, Michael D. (2015-05-27)
    The Strandveld mediterranean-ecosystem of the west coast of South Africa supports floristically diverse vegetation growing on mostly nutrient-poor aeolian sands and extending from the Atlantic Ocean tens of kilometers ...
  • SPEI-based spatial and temporal evaluation of drought in Somalia 

    Nyaga, Justine M.; Musei, Sylus Kipngeno; Dubow, Abdi Zeila (Elsevier, 2020-09-06)
    Somalia is one of the most drought prone countries both in Africa and globally. Drought events usually develop gradually unnoticed, causing tremendous effects on both agriculture and environment. This study evaluated ...
  • Temporal variation in physico-chemical characteristics, phytoplankton composition and biomass in Lake Solai, Kenya 

    Nyaga, Justine M.; Koskei, Eunice C.; Kotut, Kiplagat; Oduor, Steve Omondi (2019-10-20)
    The physico-chemical properties and phytoplankton community structure of Lake Solai were investigated between April 2018 and August 2018. Water temperature, conductivity (EC), dissolved oxygen (DO) content and pH were ...
  • Distribution of parasitic nematodes in Kenyan rice fields and their relation to edaphic factors, rainfall and temperature 

    Nyaga, Justine M.; karuri, Hannah; Namu, John; Alakonya, Amos; Njeri, Editah (Springer, 2017-10-01)
    Abstract Rice is the third most important crop in Kenya after maize and wheat. Plant parasitic nematodes (PPN) are a major rice production constraint. The objective of this study was to determine the distribution and ...
  • Staff Profile - Dr. Bernard Mukiri Gichimu. 

    GICHIMU, BERNARD MUKIRI (UoEm, 2020-09-28)
    Holds a PhD in Plant Breeding from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technolog, a master in Horticulture (Horticultural Breeding) - Maseno University and BSc. in Horticulture (First Class Honours). For my PhD I ...
  • Staff Profile - Dr. Dominic Makaa Kitavi 

    Kitavi, Dominic Makaa (UoEm, 2020-09-28)
    Dr. D. M. Kitavi hold PhD in Statistical Signal Processing in 2017 from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong), M.Sc. (cum laude) in Mathematical Sciences in 2013 from University of the Western Cape (South ...
  • Staff Profile: Dr. Faith Mueni Musyoka 

    Musyoka, Faith M. (University of Embu, 2020-09)
    Dr Faith Mueni Musyoka is a holder of Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology from Kabarak University, Kenya, Master of Science in Information Technology and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science both from Masinde ...

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